Working for Billingsgate

I’m Jonathan Bergdahl and I’m the Alderman candidate standing for the Social Democratic Party. I have worked in the City of London for the last few years. I was born in West London, and live just three miles from Billingsgate.

My wonderful grandfather was a police officer. I followed this line of service to the local community in working for British Transport Police, working in partnership with the City of London Police. I am participating in this election because I have a passion for helping the community thrive.

I am standing for the Social Democratic Party because I am a member of the SDP. Until recently I felt there was no political party whose values aligned with mine until I found out about the SDP and read their ‘New Declaration’. The SDP views business and society as complementary to each other, not as competing stakeholders. I am proudly pro-business, and recently I was delighted to meet with passionate British Business people when visiting the UKTI Expo in Manila.

My priorities for Billingsgate, working collaboratively alongside Common Council, are as follows:

  • Ensure the City of London police have the resources they need
  • Eradicating homelessness
  • Annual Business Rates Holidays for businesses
  • Install Electric Vehicle Charging Points
  • Encourage physical and mental wellness

The Terms of Reference for the Court of Aldermen state: “The Court of Aldermen engage with key stakeholder groups by being: Relevant and purposeful; Modern while respecting tradition; Collegiate, Working together; More diverse; Relevant to young talent”.

If you elect me I will work hard for you to uphold these terms and will serve you humbly.


Jonathan Bergdahl

SDP Candidate

Billingsgate Aldermanic Election

Promoted by Jonathan Andrew Wallace Bergdahl, 7a Hawthorn Road, London N8 7LY

I am a member of the SDP. I believe their politics for all the community, and democratic position is a good home for the politically homeless. Read their New Declaration here, and if you find yourself agreeing with that, why not become a member today for just £5? letter, published in the Daily Telegraph, as to why I am standing in this electionpostcard_front




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