Working for Billingsgate

I’m Jonathan Bergdahl. I am a millennial who was born and raised in London. I’ve been working in the Square Mile for the last 3 years, for a global Law Firm. I’m really proud to be standing in the Billingsgate Aldermanic Election on 31st January 2019.

I worked for British Transport Police for 8 years, liaising regularly with the City of London Police in Bishopsgate, so I am well aware of the many challenges faced by our wonderful public servants in the City of London police.

One of my key priorities is a compassionate response to homelessness; if you elect me I will work with charities and statutory bodies to eradicate homelessness and rough sleeping in Billingsgate – ensuring our unhoused neighbours are given the right physical, emotional and mental support that they need in order to prosper.

In my career I have also worked with a Global Retailer, which means I am fully aware of the cost pressures on local, national and global businesses particularly as regards business rates. If elected I will explore all avenues of help available from Central Government, as well as the City Cash Fund so that all businesses thrive in Billingsgate – for the good of all of the community.

Physical and mental wellbeing is a key passion of mine. I am an ambassador for the Mayor’s ‘This is me’ campaign which encourages City workers to open up about their current and historical mental health challenges. If elected I will encourage businesses in Billingsgate to participate in a ‘daily mile’ scheme, whereby colleagues are encouraged to walk one mile a day. This type of initiative is zero-cost, yet has been proven to enhance workplace physical and emotional wellbeing, and productivity.

I coach and mentor a young person with a low household income, at a school in a borough adjourning the City of London. It has been so encouraging to see them grow, and to be offered a place at a top University recently. I also volunteer at my local church and am involved with community outreach work, helping those most in need in my community just north of The City of London.

I am a member of the SDP. I believe their politics for all the community, and democratic position is a good home for the politically homeless. Read their New Declaration here, and if you find yourself agreeing with that, why not become a member today for just £5?


Promoted by Jonathan Andrew Wallace Bergdahl, 7a Hawthorn Road, London N8 7LY



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